Vybe Cat Castle - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use the plastic connector pieces?

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Use the plastic connector pieces to hold together the towers and cubes by clipping together the end caps, matching large circles, or sliding it between the slits of two towers next to or on top of each other.

How do I use the cardboard connector pieces?

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Use the cardboard connector pieces by laying down a tower on it's side and stacking one on top. Find the matched up slits on both towers, push through the cardboard connector piece, move it right or left to lock it into place. The same can be done with two towers next to each other standing vertically!

How big is the Cat Castle?

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Depending on the layout you choose and/or create, the castle can be as large as 4ft by 2.5ft, but also can be separated into several small cat houses that are smaller! 

Is it difficult to put together?

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Nope! The VYBE Cat Castle comes with assembly instructions for 4 different layouts.  If you follow the directions and pay attention to the graphics closely, you’ll put it together in 5-10 minutes no problem. Be gentle with the tabs! 

Why is this eco-friendly?

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This Cat Castle is made of cat’s favorite material, cardboard. We make these from 100% recycled cardboard and don’t use any glue at all.  

Does Vybe Source really plant one tree per order?

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Yes, this is our brand’s promise.  Every year we go on Tree Restoration retreats and missions to plant native trees across the world! We post YouTube videos to show you the process.

Who do I contact for support?

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Send an email to and they will respond within two business days!

What do I do if I lose my assembly instructions?

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Click the “How To” tab and check out our PDF copies! or CLICK HERE

What if I can’t figure out how to put it together?

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Reach out to and one of our Cat Castle engineers will respond an explain anything you need! 

What if my cat won’t go in right when I set it up?

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As we all know, cats do what they want.  Throw in some catnip, treats, or your cat’s favorite toy and let them explore! If they fits, they sits! 

Where should I put it?

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Some layouts fit perfectly in the corner, but the Cat Castle can be placed wherever you have room! Some people put it in their cat’s favorite spot and others let their cat decide! 

What happens if my cat tears up the scratchy pads?

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This is natural and happens with any material that cats scratch! Better the pads than the couch! Plus, you can order replacement pads right here on our website! CLICK HERE FOR NEW SCRATCHY PADS 

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