Cat Condo
Cat Condo
Cat Condo
Cat Condo
Cat Condo
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Cat Condo

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⭐The Purrrfect Mini Castle⭐MADE IN MICHIGAN⭐


1 tower (2ft x 1ft x 1ft)

1 bridge (20 Inches)

2 Cubes (1ft x 1ft x 1ft)

1 Ramp (20 inches)

1 Scratchy Pad

4 Cardboard Connector Pieces for Stacking 

4 Plastic Connector Pieces for Stacking 

Free Feline Goodies Courtesy of Vybe Cats

Key Benefits

  • Our product is made of recycled cardboard. VYBE Cats plants one tree for every product sold. Our brand's mission is to find sustainable alternatives to products in the market today. This high quality cardboard is the perfect edition to your cat room.
  • Cardboard isn't only perfect for the earth, but it's best for your feline. Cats love warmth, cardboard texture, and a place to hideaway! Studies have shown that cardboard reduces stress for cats. Our sturdy and American-Made cardboard is comfortably tested with FELINES UP TO 15 POUNDS. We are confident there are layouts and setups for any size feline!


Use the rectangle towers to stack and build the ultimate Kitty City! Lay the rectangle towers on their side and stack them using the cardboard and plastic universal connector pieces. Build a strong foundation down low, and then stack them high. Depending on your feline's size and personality, you can build a layout that matches them! For large felines, lay the rectangle towers down and stack them building a strong foundation to play in and on. For lightweight athletic felines, stack the towers nice and high in the corner and let them go crazy. Put your entire setup against the wall or in the corner for maximum protection and layout possibilities!

Strong, durable cardboard that is made in America! The Kitty Kingdom is the first fully customizable modular cat playhouse in the world! Unlike the clunky cat trees that are horrible for the environment, our 100% recycled cardboard, made in America, is built to last and is guaranteed to be your cat's favorite new playhouse! Over 3 times larger than the average cat tree!

We are planting 1 tree for every order sold to preserve our natural ecosystems for all the wild kitties around the world. 


Approximately 3ft wide by 2ft tall depending on your chosen setup. You can place it perfectly in a corner or in your cats favorite spot! 

The tower circles are 7.5 inches in diameter & the Vybe Tunnel is 6.5 inches in diameter. Cats can typically squeeze through holes the size of their head. Almost all cats (excluding very large cats) can fit through 5 inches in diameter. 


This product has been tested with multiple cats up to 15 pounds. 


The Kitty Kingdom will last depending on your cats scratching habits. Some cats only scratch the scratchy pads while others chew everything in sight. We recommend replacing scratchy pads as soon as they are heavily used to preserve the structure of the Cat Castle. 


Delivery: 5 to 8 business days business days - U.S.

Delivery: 5-10 business days - Canada

Delivery: 7-15 business days - All other Countries

Customer Service 

Reach out to one of our cat experts at support@vybesource.com if you have any issues, comments, concerns, questions, or want to show your feline in their new humble abode. Or, if you'd feel more comfortable, give us a call at 269.720.2693 and you can ask us questions or place your order over the phone. We always satisfy our customers and will guarantee you have a positive experience with our company. Thank you for supporting our small business! 

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