Cats & Cardboard….If I Fits, I Sits!

Cats & Cardboard….If I Fits, I Sits!

Cat moms and cat dads alike have noticed one thing about their curious felines…They are OBSESSED with cardboard. Are catsjust weird, or is there a reason for this borderline obsessive love for anything made of corrugated board?! After consulting with Veterinarians, Cat Experts, and Pet Owners from around the world, Vybe Cats has learned why!

First and foremost, cats love tight spaces. Whether it’s underneath the bed, behind the couch, snuggled in their cubby, on top of their hooman, or inside of their favorite cardboard box, cats want to be in a confined and in tight spaces. Feline instincts tell them regularly that they are under attack from predators. This instinct triggers their behavior to be hidden and in spots where they think nothing can see them, but they can see everything. Whether they are inside or outside, these instincts are feeding their behavior!

As a cat dad myself, I’ve always wondered why in the world is my cat in that box? Cardboard is one of the more insulated materials that allows felines to maintain their body temperature and stay warm. In addition, cardboard absorbs their scent quickly and allows them to be comfortable with the smell of their new favorite cat house. Comfort is key, as we have all purchased them plastic or synthetic material toys/trees/accessories and they ignore it at all costs.

Cardboard reduces stress! A 2014 University of Utrecht study found that cardboard does in fact reduce stress in felines. Comfort, texture, and warmth all contribute to felines being less stressed. Many kitties are skittish or nervous around anything new. While this isn’t the case for all felines, for the ones where this rings true, cats LOVE the ability to climb in their cardboard to calm the nerves and sleep. We don’t want our beautiful lazy kitties to be stressed, which means cardboard is the best remedy.  

Send us a photo of your feline in any type of cardboard box and we will enter you into our monthly giveaways!

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