Crazy Cat Chronicles #1 - Kaia's House

Crazy Cat Chronicles #1 - Kaia's House

It's TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME! In the blue corner, standing at 19.75 inches long by 8.65 inches tall, weighing in at 12.5 pounds,  fighting out of her VYBE Cat Castle in Grand Rapids, MI with a head to head record of 47-0 is Kaia the feline. In the red corner, standing at 27 inches long by 10.35 inches tall, weighing in at 26.5 pounds, fighting out from behind his mom's legs, in Grand Rapids, MI with a head to head record of 0-47 is Giovanni the Corgi Pup. 

We need to rewind...

Kaia, the princess, is one of the Vybe Cats Board of Directors (you can see her above). Everyone that has met her describe her as kind, caring, cuddly, lovey, and one of the nicest felines in the world. From hanging out in her VYBE Cat Castle, to laying on her hoomans any chance she can get, violence, stress, and anger were never issues for her as she navigates her difficult life of sleeping, eating, and grooming. The only products she cares to test here at the factory are new models of our castle and our super soft purrrsian rug that she can nap in and on. To say the least, she lives a great, relaxed, and stress-free life...

Well, her hoomans made a choice without her input. They brought home a 4 month old Corgi Puppy named Giovanni who is a high energy and loving brother who can't think about anything other than getting as close to his feline sister as possible. Giovanni finds entertainment in instigating, but then hiding as he has a natural hunch that his sister can kick his butt. 

Since Giovanni has moved into our home and made himself comfortable, our warm, caring, loving, and cuddly feline has turned all her backed up frustrations into the fuel she needs to teach the puppy who is boss.  If he walks down the stairs she sprints full speed at him and slams on the brakes with less than an inch to spare...He immediately cries and gets to a safe spot to gather his thoughts before he instigates some more. From paws to the face to scratches on the butt, head to head battles to sneak attacks, Giovanni is getting bullied all around the house. Kaia will come upstairs, lay on her hooman's lap, and give Giovanni the stink eye until she decides it's time to leave the room. 

Anyways...back to our fight. 

The first round bell rings and Kaia immediately sprints into action. She takes the route of Cat Tree to Cat Castle, and then the top of her Cat Castle to the Ping Pong table. At this point in the round, Giovanni is stunned, hasn't moved an inch, and is in awe of the felines moves. As a Ping Pong ball falls off the table with perfect timing, Giovanni must trust his instincts and get distracted as the ball bounces on the floor. From the top of the Ping Pong table, Kaia pounces on the back of Giovanni and just like that, to become 48-0, Kaia has scared Giovanni out of his boots and upstairs for the night with a first round KO.

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